What You Think About Hospice That You Were Wrong About

Death is inevitable. According to the Buddha, it’s the only certain in the whole life of a human being. It may come on us in different forms such as accidents, disease and natural death. The terminal disease that will let us know how our life will end is really a painful experience. Imagine your doctor calling you and set a time frame of six months for you to live happily. Its effects does not only hurt the person, but his/her whole family. However, there are people who accept the reality of their terminal disease and somehow, decide not to treat it anymore. That’s where hospice comes in, it’s a kind of care that people can receive to live the best of their life before their time finally runs out. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions about hospice. So here, we list down some of it to enlighten people on how important hospice is.

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Hospice is a place for dying

The sub-title is disturbing. A lot of people think that when you go to hospice in order for you to die. But they do not realize that hospice is a place where you will receive comfort and care, so that you will fully live your life with less pain until the end. A care team will look for you to assist you with your needs. If you decide to stay at your home (yes, it’s possible) a nurse will regularly visits you to monitor, asses and treat your symptoms. Hospice would also provide proper education for your family and the care team, so they could serve you well. If the patient is religious, a chaplain is ready to assist his/her religious and spiritual needs. A social worker might also join the team as he/she can give emotional aid for the patient. By having all of these, the hospice is not a place that you come just to die, instead it’s a place where you might live your best for your last.

Hospice are expensive

Many people that can afford hospice think that it’s beyond their capacity. However, Medicare pays for the hospice expense, a payment might come but it’s just a small percent. If a patient is not covered with Medicare, most insurance plans or even HMOs include hospice on the coverage. Most hospice also have funds that came from foundations, donations or charity events that they use to cater those people who can’t afford to enter hospice.

There’s nothing wrong about making hospice as an option, what’s important in the end is how we live the life that we had. Do you want to know more about hospice? Visit Hospice Cincinnati for more details.

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