Top Four Best Forex Welcome Bonuses

Forex welcome bonus 2018 can be a good leverage for beginners on forex trading so choosing a broker that have attractive welcome bonus programs should be in the top of your to-do-list. I hope my advice and reviews in this article will help you choose the most attractive welcome bonus for you.

  • Three best welcome bonus programs

Based on my experiences from working and trading with many popular brokers, I believe that XM, FBS, and FXTM should be on the top of the best ECN brokers 2018 that offer excellent bonus program. Among these brokers, I would say XM has the best bonus because they offer both an excellent bonus program and a 100% bonus on new deposits.

  • Three important standards for picking excellent forex welcome bonuses

Below are 3 important standards of a good forex welcome bonus

  • Easy withdrawal conditions

It is easy to get a welcome bonus but when it comes to withdrawing it, you may face several problems as some brokers apply strict policies on withdrawing the welcome bonus. But do not worry as you can still withdraw your profits you get from trading using the welcome bonus. However, there may be some requirements that you have to meet before withdrawing such as minimum lot traded requirement. Here are minimum lot traded requirements that three mentioned brokers are requiring:

            - The broker that has the easiest withdrawal policy is XM. You only need to complete 0.1 lot to withdraw your bonus profits.

            - In the case of FTMX, the requirement for withdrawing your profits is completing 1 lot traded.

            - There are 123 bonus programs provided by FBS with the maximum of 123$ bonuses. The highest amount you can withdraw each lot is 3$. For example, if you earn a 60$ profit after 7 days of trading and you want to withdraw it, you must trade at least 20 lots minimum.

  • High welcome bonus value

Obviously, every trade loves the welcome bonus amount to be as high as possible. Judging by welcome bonus amount alone, FBS should be on top with 123$ of collectible welcome bonus while XM and FXTM offer the same welcome bonus amount of 30$.

  • Reliable forex brokers

Do not trust non-reliable and shady broker even if they offer a good welcome bonus. Based on my experiences with the best forex brokers 2018, I would recommend XM as the most reliable and transparent broker.

  • Other types of bonuses

Beside welcome bonus, traders can also get many other bonus programs from most of the forex brokers such as Deposit bonus or Lot back bonus (Loyalty bonus). To be more specific:

Deposit Bonus is the program that brokers use to encourage more deposits. You can get more money from the bonus program by depositing more money into the brokers.

Lot back bonus, or Loyalty bonus, is the program that brokers use to encourage more transactions as traders can get a portion of each transaction they made back to their accounts.

For example, the rebate amount of XM is 3$ for each completed trading lot and their EUR/USD currency's spread is 1.4 pip. Therefore, you only need to pay 11$ for each EUR/USD lot instead of 14$.

  • Is forex bonus profits collectible?

As I have explained above, in order to limit bonus profit withdraw, most brokers have to put certain requirements in their sites. Here are the two most popular requirements that most brokers are applying:

  • Completed trading lot

I have given a particular example regarding this requirement and explained it above. If you want to withdraw the bonus, you may have to meet a particular amount of trading required by brokers. This is not an easy requirement as a lot of traders may have to deposit more money just to get the bonus profits.

  • No direct bonus withdrawal

In most of the brokers, bonuses such as welcome or deposit bonus are restricted to directly withdraw by traders. You have to complete a certain amount of trading if you want to withdraw your bonus profits. Brokers apply this policy for the purpose of limiting cheaters and exploiters to take advantages of direct bonus withdrawal and benefit themselves.

  • Which one should we choose, good bonus or low spread?

Most traders are likely to consider brokers with bonus programs over brokers with low spreads. However, a long-term plan is still a thing that you need to consider. Trading with low speed or overall better trading conditions is always good in the long-term. In my own opinion, I think a broker's credibility is the most important factor since I usually have to trade a large amount of money.

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I have done a lot of researches and narrowed my list of best bonuses brokers to only four names as below:

▪    Best welcome bonus - XM: 30$ welcome bonus

▪    Exness bonus: Rebate 2 – 16$ per lot

▪    Best welcome bonus - FBS: 50$ welcome bonus

▪    Best deposit bonus - XM: 100% deposit bonus

  • Two possible ways to exploit bonus programs

You should obviously not cheat in any kind but if have to do so then there are two popular methods of cheating you may use. Both of them require you to create multiple accounts:

  1. You need to find brokers that have loose withdrawal requirements in order to use this cheating method. This cheating method requires you to hedge two newly created accounts, let one account win and one account lose to keep the win rate at 50%.
  2. This cheating method requires you to find high leverages brokers because the core method is to take advantages of the high leverages to open very big positions.

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