Breakdown Cover

What’s the best way to find the right breakdown cover for your car or vehicle? Do you apply direct, use a price comparison site, or look through the thousands of car breakdown cover reviews available online?

There are now more car breakdown companies than ever before meaning that competition to provide the top breakdown cover policy at the best price is intense. And it’s always worth shopping around because, as was reported in the Express, “drivers (are being) hit with a 124 per cent price increase” with the AA when they renew for a second year’s cover.

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Who needs breakdown cover?

The short answer to this question is: anyone who drives a car. Although breakdown cover isn’t a legal requirement (like car insurance), it is a crucial part of driver safety. It helps to keep you and other drivers safe no matter where you are in the country.

One of the biggest concerns for car owners on the road today can be the dangers involved with breaking down in the middle of a journey. Not only is it extremely stressful and inconvenient, but it could end up costing you a lot of money if you need to source the help of a nearby garage.

Arranging one-off emergency assistance can be up to six times more expensive than an annual policy, making the latter a sensible investment for anyone who cares about looking after their finances. There are 5.5 million UK drivers without breakdown cover, with a reported 3 million of those breaking down just last year. With more than one in five drivers having to use their cover annually, breakdown cover isn’t something you should ignore.

Which companies provide breakdown cover?
There are three types of providers for breakdown cover in the UK. The first type of company actually own the vans and employ the mechanics that reach you at the roadside when your car has decided not to work.

Some other companies offer a “white label” service. What that means is that they sell the breakdown cover services of the companies which do own the vans and employ the mechanics but they put their own branding on the service instead.

The last type of car breakdown cover company works with independent vehicle garages all over the UK. They don’t own the vans or employ the staff but what they do is send out independent experts to the roadside to help motorists who are having problems with their car.

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