5 Dont's For Rocking String Bikinis

String bikinis are the most popular bikini style on the women’s swimwear market. These simple, flattering bikinis are timeless and continue to appear in droves on the shelves of clothing stores and surf shops each year as swimsuit season arrives again.

While a string bikini can flatter virtually any figure and help you create an ultra-trendy swimwear look that is sure to turn heads, there are definitely do’s and dont’s to live by when it comes to wearing string swimwear. Use these dont’s as a guide to help you rock your string bikinis (via HauteFlair.com) this summer without any style faux pas or other swimwear-related mishaps or malfunctions.


  • Don’t Sacrifice Support

String bikinis — especially those with tops that are designed with one layer of material cut into teeny, tiny triangle shapes to serve as ‘cups’—tend to be flimsy and are not renowned for the amount of support they offer.

Never try to make a flimsy string bikini work if your bust requires more support than a tiny triangle top can provide. Make sure that your bikini top features all the support features your bust needs to keep you feeling secure and comfortable. There are string bikini tops that offer more support; you might just have to look a little harder to find them.

  • Don’t Get Too Active

String bikinis and motion-intensive activity don’t go together well. Getting too active in a string bikini puts you at risk of suffering a major swimwear malfunction in the likely event that one of your bikini’s ties comes undone while you’re moving.

If you plan to surf, swim laps, play volleyball, or get involved in anything more active than laying out in the sun or wading up to your knees in the waves, a more secure swimsuit—like one with hook-and-eye closures—might be a better bet than a string bikini style.

  • Don’t Tie a Bow

Always tie your string bikini carefully and tightly to keep it secure all day long. Dainty little bows might look pretty, but they are far from secure. One tug on a bow can expose your entire bust or backside to a beach full of people. Always tie a knot first as a secure foundation. Then, you can add a bow on top of the knot for a flirty, feminine finish.

Throughout the day, check up on each of your bikini’s ties to make sure none of them are starting to come loose—adjust and tighten them if needed to ward off disaster before it happens.

  • Don’t Go Too Small

Whatever you do, don’t buy and wear a string bikini that is too small for you. The tiny triangle tops of classic string bikinis already offer minimal support as it is.

Wearing a string bikini—specifically a string bikini top—that is too small for your bust is never flattering and leads to major malfunctions like quad boob and nip slips. Find the right size, or don’t buy the bikini at all.

  • Don’t Wear Low-Rise

Super low-rise bikini bottoms may have been all the rage in the 1990s and early 2000s, but they are fading out of style now in favor of retro-inspired high waisted styles that are more universally flattering.

Most classic string bikinis are not designed with high waists. However, string bikinis are commonly available in mid-rise styles. Whenever possible, opt for a style that includes mid-rise rather than low-rise bottoms. The result will be a more flattering swimwear look that is more in line with trends of the present and future than those of the past.

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