Why I Love Being a Health Insurance Broker

When you pondered on careers as a child its unlikely that you thought about becoming an health insurance agent.  I myself dreamed of becoming a fireman and medic from a young age.  About the time I was 12 though my aunt started taking me on sales calls for her life insurance business.  I saw all the people she got to meet, all the places she got to go and the freedom she enjoyed.  I knew from there on I didn't want to be trapped by 4 walls 9 to 5 everyday.  I didn't start out selling health insurance, it took me awhile to get here.  When I finally started doing what my aunt had done so many years before, I knew I had found my calling.

What it's Like

You have to be built a certain way to live on 100% commission, it's certainly not for everyone.  You hear commission salespeople use the phrase feast or famine.  When you are first starting out this is an accurate description.  In fact anyone considering a 100% commission job should have at the very least 6 months of living expenses saved up.  But even when you're established there are still ups and downs.  One week you might help everyone you meet giving you a great natural high and the next week you can't make it to anyone's door without them rescheduling or canceling.  

Why I'm a Health Insurance Agent

So why would anyone put themselves through the stresses of not knowing where there next paycheck is coming from?  It's the high and satisfaction of when things are going good that keep you coming back.  I can't begin to tell you how many times I went a week of not selling anything and then out of the blue I have a huge deal.  This is the best possible high you can have.  Going from a slump to a big deal creates such a euphoria that I can't see myself ever fully giving up being a health insurance agent.  The only thing better than this is helping a family or business that believes there isn't any affordable health insurance options that will meet their needs or they have gotten declined for coverage and you find a solution.  I love being able to go to my daughters events, I love seeing different towns and I love meeting new people.  I'm Larry Medcalf  and I love being a health insurance agent.

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