What To Look For In A Steam Press

Ironing is an inevitable task that everybody has to do on either a daily or weekly basis. Although the task is essential, it can be really at times and tedious, making people dread it and hire somebody do it or procrastinate. Hiring and procrastination can cause you time and money which is why it is important to find a way to do the task on your own. With that said, in order to encourage themselves more to iron their own shirts, more and more people are switching to use steam presses to somehow give them a reason to look forward to ironing day.

Steam presses are shirt irons that make use of steam as its main agent for crisper and faster results. Choosing the right steam press is important for you to get comfortable with your ironing process and get more done. The next time you go to the mall to find the best steam press for dress shirts, consider these things:

Automatic Shut Off

This feature is something that most steam irons are beginning to have already. Automatic shut off is a feature where the iron would automatically turn off if unused or has not been in motion for a certain time. This feature is really good for safety and convenience purposes since you can avoid overheating and consuming too much electricity.

Clothes Capacity

Nowadays more and more steam presses are being developed to press more shirts at once. If you would want to finish your task quickly then you may want to go for a press that could iron 8 garments at a time. Aside from this, high-speed pressing is also a feature that you may want to look out if you want to talk about speed.

Size and Consumption

Moving on from capacity, another thing you may want to consider is the size of your press. Steam presses tend to differ in sizes with some presses occupying more space and eating up more electricity. If you think you are not going to need a high-powered steam press then it would be best to settle for a simpler machine that consumes less electricity.


Aside from the sizes, there are also a lot of types when talking about steam presses. There are electronic presses, professional presses, small commercial iron presses, home iron press, and the mini iron press. These presses were made for different uses which mean that a certain type of press may suit you better than the others.

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