Web Design And Consumers’ Feedback

How does a business website design helps affect consumers’ perception about the website in general and affect the business itself?

Advertising in the New Millennium

In today’s advertising scene, a lot of different marketing tactics have been employed by businesses to affect their respective target markets. Aside from sending sample products to social media influencers, business entities, especially in the hospitality industry, have also hired various famous people, which are usually skilled videographers with massive Instagram followers, to showcase their facilities through amazing videos and photo shoots. Not only that, different countries’ tourism departments have also jumped into the band wagon. But probably one, if not the best marketing strategy out there, is the website.

Looking back in the ‘old times’ (which is like more or less 10 years ago), a business is only able to advertise itself through magazines, brochures and leaflets. This is not only costly, but it also has an environmental impact which is a lot more expensive. But in today’s times, internet has revolutionized almost everything from data sharing to banking, and marketing is far from an exception.

The Role of Business Websites

With the market’s stiff competition, commercial corporations rely mostly on ads especially on their websites to attract customers. A business website design is extremely crucial to send the message across the targeted consumers. One feature of a good website design is how responsive it is to different devices and platforms i.e. mobile phones, tablets and desktops. People are not only demographically diversified, they also have various preferences in surfing the internet. According to smartinsights.com’s latest statistics, most of the consumers from UK, USA, and main Europe use smartphones to browse the World Wide Web. Given this information, businesses now have a clear insight on how they should design their websites accordingly to cater the consumers’ preferences.

Aside from website responsiveness, a website design should also focus on how user friendly it is and how easy it is in the visitor’s eyes. Some websites are difficult to maneuver given the layout is too flashy or too all over the place. Another rising attribute that are noticeable on websites is the availability of real time chat feature, on which a website visitor can directly ask for further information immediately. This would be very helpful for those persons that suffer anxiety most especially (they want immediate answers that emails rarely provide but too anxious to make a call).

With technology evolving continuously alongside with consumers’ tastes, businesses must keep up with the trends to reach their primary audience. Websites, which are their main weapon for doing so, should have the right designs for them to make a mark online.

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