Ways Of Getting Her Yes

Asking her to go out may be the first and difficult stage that you might want to pass yet. Relationship start by first, making her like you and second, getting her yes and make it official. So make sure that you secure your place first and everything will follow.

Ways to Make her Like you

You have met an amazing girl and you want her to like you. As per the experts, there are ways to make things work and have her like you.

  • When you walk with her, be sure to slow down your pace and slightly exaggerate the movements of your shoulder.
  • Make your talents and skills shared to her since it is sexy and highlighting them will you make more appealing and likable to her.
  • Put confidence on how you speak. Talk in a soft, muffled manner and make sure you rehearse first by doing deep and slow breath to calm yourself.
  • Pay close attention to her and give your 100% attention. Do some follow-up questions showing you are interested in what she is telling you. She will feel appreciated and more bonded with you.
  • Tease her by communicating with her playfully. If she is laughing and is having fun with your conversation, this is sure the start that she will let her guard down and feel more relaxed with you.

How to Get her BIG Yes

After making her like you, you will really be want to be with her as well as her wanting to be with you and make everything official. But sometimes, there some negative energy that is pulling you down. Here are some tips on how to have her big and honest yes when you ask her to be your girlfriend.

  • Examine the reasons for you asking her to make your relationship official.
  • Make sure she likes you
  • Find the right place and time to ask the question you want to ask her
  • Have the right attitude
  • Pop the question in the best way possible
  • React appropriately when you already have her answer

There are times that when you know she likes you, you will still not have her yes. Do not lose hope, learn from this experience, and trace back what is something wrong in the process. There are lots of dating tips that can assist you offered by love dignity. Everything will be successful as long as you put your mind and attention to it.

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