Power Up Your Gadgets For Free Using A Portable Solar Battery

Portal solar batteries can help you power your gadgets with simple sunlight. They do this by making use of a flexible solar panel to power up the internal battery pack in the gadget that can be later used when required. There are several different models of these portal solar batteries available today, which makes it easier to find the right solution for your needs.

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Smaller versions of a portable solar battery are mainly used to provide power for laptops or cell phones and can add more hours of use to these gadgets when fully charged.

Most of these batteries come with universal connectors that enable users to easily hook up their gadgets to the unit for power consumption.

Some of these solar batteries also include a standard battery holder, which allows you to charge a set of standard NiCad batteries that can be easily removed when charged and used in any gadget they fit. This helps you snap a set of dead batteries into a charger and set the unit out in direct sunlight to recharge them for later use.

There are no larger versions available for portable solar batteries that can be used on boats and mobile homes. These systems comprise of relatively larger solar panels that are mounted on a flat surface of these vehicles so that they get the right amount of sunlight exposure. The solar panel gets connected to a bank of deep cycle batteries that are charged with sunlight and can be used later to power different devices in the camp or a boat.

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A Portal solar battery also makes a great power source for camping or other recreational activities. Such a system generally comprise of a portable solar panel that gets connected to a controller unit. The controller unit consists of batteries and trickle charges them by consuming power from the solar panels.

When fully charges, the controller can be disconnected from the panels and can be taken along to provide power where you need it the most. Most of these systems feature controllers that can supply both 12-Volts power, as well as, standard residential 120-volts of power.

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To power your home, you will require having a slightly different setup. You will require solar panels that are mounted in an array to provide your home with a sufficient amount of power. Moreover, the store power, you will require a bank of deep cycle batteries so you will be able to power up your house while the sun is not shinning.

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