Laundry- Cleaning Machinery

Washing by Hands

In initial days people use to do the washing of their clothes manually by using their hands. That was a quite difficult process and required a lot of human effort. Back in those days some people us to perform the duties of cleaning as washer men and washer women in return of money. In some under developed countries people still wash their clothes by using their hands which is quite difficult task to do and required a lot of effort and human energy.

Washing Machine

With the evolution of technology many products were manufactured which have made the lives of people easier and less stressful. With the innovation of washing machines people started using washing machines for cleaning clothes and stopped working manually and stopped using their hands for the purpose of cleaning clothes. The washing machine is simple to use and just require sufficient amount of water and a good detergent to clean the clothes. Washing machine comes in variety of designs and pricing and would need electricity to do the operation. The detergent is added and mixed in the water to get the cleaning of clothes done. Several companies have started to manufacture the washing machines with innovations as best as they could.

Washing Cycle

From washing the clothes manually to washing them in washing machines further advancements and technological changes have happened. Over the span of year’s machinery have become more and more advanced and have become completely automatic from manual. The controller controls all the process of cleaning and the user just have to sit back and relax. Before the technological evolution the manual machines also required some of human efforts but the automatic machines have made the lives of people easier. The cleaning cycle include the process of washing and rinsing the clothes after the initial washing and rinsing process is done, dryer would do the rest of work of drying clothes efficiently and effectively.

Domestic, Industrial and Commercial Use

The washing machines are used on large scale for the cleaning of clothes domestically. Almost every home has the washing machine for the purpose of washing clothes. Not only domestically but washing machines are also use for industrial and commercial purposes as well. The commercial washing machines are used more than domestic ones as they are used to wash clothes which are heavy and bulky. The commercial purpose washing machines are manufactured by several companies and hard stainless steel is used for their body.

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