Best Ways To Analyze The Best Demo Account Brokers

Best Ways To Analyze The Best Demo Account Brokers

Traders who are new to the forex trading are also scared of they could lose at the first phase of trading when they little thing about trading. The chance is that they can practice first with demo account with no risks about financial ability. If they have more knowledge about the best forex demo account brokers they can exploit more after using them.

Demo account is like a copied real account version that let traders to use the trading platform to practice trading with copied money too, which means traders can trade interacting actual functions of trading with the same interface but not actually paying anything. After then, brokers also need to gain something and usually they keep in touch with clients using demo account to persuade them to open real accounts.

Gains and losses

The clear aim when traders using demo account is practicing and it can be considered as the foremost purpose. Therefore, it is noticeable that many elements from demo account will not be actually shown with real accounts


  • It is clear that demo account costs nothing then it is a great chance for you to check out every aspect about their platform such as the data charts the execution and how they work well and what their lacks are.
  • Free charges are the guarantee for new traders who are afraid to lose money. With demo account, traders can learn how to make position and orders freely.
  • Shape up trading style is a very good result from trading demo account that you can experience many tools and targets so that you build for yourself skills that can be applied in the real accounts.
  • Demo account is also the way to find out if forex trading is matched with your styles because that their unstable market is a big challenge for some people.


  • Demo account is somehow took not really serious because it is traded with unreal money and traders may make impulsive decision when they trade demo account and which results in that they can keep the same trading habit with real account. Then it is worth keeping aware of that 1000$ loss of demo is not the same with this amount of real accounts.
  • Trading data of demo account is not exact the upcoming data and it is backward then the newest one because the best forex brokers 2019 will not present the live data streams right away for demo account traders.
  • If you can easily match the orders with demo account it is not the possibility with real accounts.
  • Your profile is a useful source for brokers so it is not surprise that brokers use your information like email, address and name to make some other benefits.
  • Demo account has their limits about the fund and time. Brokers let you trade for free but the allowance for time using is not lasted so long.

In general, there are some main factors about demo account that are worth being noticed. Do not be rushed to change into real trading with real money if you are not known the execution for general of trading market or of your executions. And demo account is mainly for learning and getting knowledge first, any things you learn from demo they are not the ultimate methods to be matched with real trading. Lastly, be conscious about any losses of demo account because these losses are not the same when you lose in live accounts.

I strongly recommend these brokers that are providing excellent demo account now:

  1. Exness accounts
  2. Hotforex accounts
  3. XM accounts
  4. FXTM accounts

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