5 Reasons Why Christchurch, NZ is an Awesome Place to Live

Christchurch is a city in the region of Canterbury, on the South Island of New Zealand. It is the third most populated city in the country at only 350,000 dwellers.

If you’re looking to live a laid-back area with easy access to nature and community activities, Christchurch is a good place to settle down. Here are 5 things about the lovely city that will help you decide:

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Old World Charm

Unlike its big-city counterparts, Auckland and Wellington, Christchurch is more of a quaint, quiet city that has kept itself rooted in its colonial past. It has an abundance of stone buildings and tree-lined streets that will let you experience what England was like several decades ago - cleaner, safer, friendlier, and with better weather!

Natural disasters years ago have forced this area into the modern world. With many establishments and homes flattened, a major rebuild has been undergone. These days, more modern structures can be spotted in the once rustic city.

Conducive for Families

The city has of course, a few wonderful suburban areas surrounding it where families prefer to dwell. Couples with children would absolutely love the wide open spaces where kids could actually physically play.

Schools are no problem as well. New Zealand is known to have the best practices when it comes to education. There are enough primary to tertiary schools in Christchurch that have great student-to-teacher ratio.

Expat-Friendly with Good Job Market

There’s a thriving international community in Christchurch that will make it hard for you to feel homesick. If you want to connect, there are many social media groups through which you could meet people from the same homeland.

Also, due to the ongoing rebuild, professionals in the field of construction, engineering, architecture, and the likes have many positions waiting for them. The IT and farming industries are equally needing qualified workers as well.

Affordable Accommodations

Even though Christchurch is a city, its real estate rates aren’t as expensive as the two largest. Kiwis like owning homes, but if you’re moving from far away, it’s best to rent a property first to get a feel of the community before committing with a purchase.

If you’re looking for good deals, try a trusted property management firm like bayleys, which is the largest in the country.

Unlimited Activities

Kiwis are known to love the outdoors, so there are many activities available that will bring you outside. You can go to parks and reserves for free and play on their playground with kids. If you love the beach, there’s one only an hour’s drive away! In the winter, Mount Hutt has a magnificent skiing slope, which is also 1 hour away.

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