3 Reasons Why Your Church Needs Coverage

Churches demonstrate a long history of serving as a place of refuge. While it is easy to believe that this sanctuary is free from all evil and worry, a church is just as susceptible to unforeseeable risks as you are. To have general insurance is to ensure that it will persevere through these risks. Here are three reasons why you should not delay getting written policies to protect your ministry:

  1. Damages that Hold the Church Liable

Depending on the severity of the situation, injury claims and personal property damage on church grounds can jeopardize church funds. In addition, the church building itself undergoing physical damage can also jeopardize funds and loyalty. Not having the appropriate policies available to aid in times of crises can lead to prolonged closures and a displeased congregation.

  1. Special Events and Missions

Several events and missions are hosted by the church every year to commemorate religious events and holidays, collect donations for worldly causes, and to become familiar with your “neighbors” in a relaxed environment. Having insurance can ensure these events and missions are fun and safe by covering topics including medical emergencies and extortion. Knowing your volunteers and members are protected can grant you the peace of mind to enjoy these experiences with them.

  1. Counselor Protection and Accusations of Sexual Abuse

Sadly, it is no myth that cases of sexual abuse can still occur within the church. Whether the accusation is true or false, a policy to protect your staff is highly encouraged to provide you with assurance that an event like this will not end your existence, tarnish your reputation, and serve as your church’s legacy.

Having church insurance is the most effective way to equally support the safety and satisfaction of your clergy and churchgoers. They also provide you with the confidence that you are covered no matter what emergency situation arises. Policies can vary by state, making it important to understand what kinds of policies are available to you, what they cover, and which best serve your needs.

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